To change the status quo, one must be bold and brave in order to present their experience and findings of the world, to the world. Charles R. Darwin is an example of that courage; and his courage took immense suffering.

His own findings broke him spiritually; how could he find this data and still believe what he believed? He was going to be a minster, before he took a “backpacking trip through Europe” (i.e. the Beagle voyage).

So I ponder in my own spiritual journey, how did he dedicate so many hours, days, and decades of his life to his research, all in secret, all in contradiction to his beliefs of and in God? He never said it was one or the other; he simply could not deny what he was finding, and could not quit his private exploration of the scientific evidence he was discovering.

Decades pass, and finally the universe, God, randomness, whatever you want to call it, brought him a second person with his same findings—and then he was able to say, with much relief: “Ok, it’s not just me; let’s tell the world!”

And then the world made Darwin something he is not, and never was.