Show Notes

Holly shares her Experience, Strength and Hope with complete honesty and vulnerability. Not only is she a straight shooter, she is a down-right interesting human. A tattooed priest working on her masters in Addiction Studies, she's also a Drug and Addiction counselor who was also once an actress, Al-Anon member, and even had an affair with a woman. Holly describes the great dysfunctional family she came from and how that grew her into the woman she is today, with almost 20 years of sobriety serving every single day of her life to a Higher Power.
Holly brings the principles of AA into her congregation where everyone can feel the light of a beautiful Higher Power that loves, accepts and provides grace unconditionally. Holly may be the best antidote for those broken by organized religion.   

"I worked really, really hard; my goal was to feel good about myself regardless of my circumstance . . . I wanted to walk into a room knowing I was worthy and valuable."

"The way we [alcoholics and addicts] deal with life is so completely different."