Show Notes

Mike shares his Experience, Strength and Hope by outlining the 12 steps while sharing what it was like drinking and using, how he came into the rooms and what it’s like now in sobriety. From a little boy huffing gas to escape, to a 20—something married man vomiting massive amounts of blood, to a 30—something eating Vicodin like candy, Mike goes deep with honesty and courage. This is a journey from pain, escape and suffering to freedom, serenity and joy. 

If nothing else, listen to hear the beautiful story Mike shares about his daughter—and his ability to be there, sober, while she fought her way to recovery. He is one hell of a father, no doubt; any parent struggling with a child in active addiction, should hear this story.

"I know I wanted to stop, but I wasn’t willing to get sober.” 
"My life did not change until I got to Alcoholics Anonymous, so I’m clear on what’s changed my life.”