Show Notes

Alan shares his Experience, Strength and Hope; with over 2 decades of sobriety Alan’s humility and gratitude come through in this honest and vulnerable share. The program of Alcoholics Anonymous offers something that can’t be explained in words, only experienced, and Alan poetically describes this magic of the rooms throughout his story.  Navy, several DUIs, divorce, 4 years dry, all the way to 24+ years of sobriety and grandbabies; this is a true story of hope and recovery.

“I did consider myself an alcoholic, I just didn’t want any part of sobriety.”

“I don’t have any explanation for what happened that day, other than it was a miracle. I was out of gas, I was at the end of my rope, I just didn’t know it, and God intervened . . . and people extended their hand and they said “welcome” and they meant it.”