Show Notes

Jimmy shares his Experience, Strength and Hope. From the tender age of 5 yrs old, he longed to get into the liquor cabinet, though his first drink and hangover weren’t for 5 more years. So at 10 yrs old, Jimmy made a promise to get better at this drinking thing. Fast forward to heroin, alcohol, hepatitis and treatment 3x, and then to Jimmy's powerful spiritual experience, which he refers to as the moment he received “the gift of surrender.” 

Extras: Jimmy wanted more than to just be sober, he wanted a healthy body; unlike any other episode, here we learn about another level of healing. Jimmy discusses holistic therapies, exercise, healthy eating, and others things that facilitate the body's natural process of healing.

“I always had a drink in my hand.”

“You don’t have to use, you don’t have to drink, from this moment on . . . it’s a tough sell this recovery thing, because at times it introduces us to pain; we take away our pain killers and we live life, and sometimes it’s painful . . . if it gets scary, just keep going."