Show Notes

Farrell shares his Experience, Strength and Hope during this deep share from the heart. The perfect story for any newcomer skeptical of this “culty AA” or “God thing,” and equally valuable for those in recovery seeking an example of someone doing the deal and working a strong program. 

Growing up overweight and gay, constantly conscious of his movements, Farrell hated himself; he had the morning dread of life at the young age of 9 yrs old. Always anxious and in constant fear, Farrell found much relief in alcohol, and eventually cocaine, and crack, and so on, almost to homelessness. But soon the day of freedom came when he reached out to the universe with complete surrender for help, and it was delivered. 

“Every time I put alcohol in my body it sets off an immediate craving for more; and once that craving has kicked in, the only thing that will satisfy it is another drink, and another drink, and another drink. So, I’m obsessed with the next drink.”

“I was such a cynic about everything, and I’m not a joiner, I’m not . . . but Alcoholics Anonymous, I joined enthusiastically . . . and I let the people of AA nurture me back to health.”