Show Notes

Seija shares her Experience, Strength and Hope as she approaches a 20-year sobriety birthday—though this isn’t her first stretch of sobriety in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. 

At 5 yrs old, Seija and her twin sister were adopted and brought to the United States, and in less than 10 yrs was blackout drinking and homeless. Somewhere along a painful childhood Seija began cutting, and as a young adult, attempted suicide 4x in a few short weeks. This all sounds terribly sad, except if you hold out for Seija’s entire story, you get to journey to the beautiful life she has today, where there is serenity, peace and love abound. No doubt, Seija gets vulnerable here, and absolutely no doubt, by doing so, Seija will help many others on their path to freedom. 

“I no longer could control my drinking, nor could I enjoy my drinking.” 

“ . . .  it was impossible, because I wasn’t willing, at all, to change.”

“I had a hard time with the spiritual aspect of this program . . . but all of those experiences, feelings and people came into my path when I was ready to accept it and do something about it.”