Show Notes

Harriet shares her Experience, Strength and Hope after more than 2 decades of sobriety and 3 decades of using and abusing everything and everyone she could get her hands on. Harriet grew up in an alcoholic home, the oldest of 5 children, and only knew how to constantly take responsibility that wasn’t hers. This way of living and experiencing the world as a young girl brought her to dancing, drinking and drugging any chance she could get. The ultimate goal was to escape, something to always take her mind away from where her body existed. 

In sobriety, Harriet lost both her husband and only child, and managed to turn that heartache and pain into a book of hope and healing: Miracles of Recovery

“Alcohol was always on the table, that was my drug of choice, but it was weed that owned my soul.”

“I took everything that happened personally, whether it was about me or not, I owned it.”

“I couldn’t stand myself and I was sure nobody else could either."

“I walked in [AA meeting] and I loved it . . . I was home . . . and I never left, I never ever left.”