Show Notes

Denise shares her Experience, Strength and Hope as she outlines the many ways in which the program of Alcoholics Anonymous has saved her life. We come to the rooms to stop drinking and if we stick around, we are blessed with the gifts of sobriety: serenity, love, peace, and in Denise’s case . . . the path to living her purpose.

Though Denise is headed for her 18th sobriety birthday, she spent 8 of those years outside the rooms as a "dry drunk." She believes more harm was done during those years than in her drinking days, leading her ultimately, and dangerously, close to suicide. 

For anyone curious about sobriety or the AA promises, this is a story for you. 

“You’re so far into it, that you can’t even see how sick you are.”

On her first AA Meeting:
“ . . . it’s at the beach, and it’s beautiful, but I am judgmental: what am I doing here? Why am I here? . . . and I have to say . . . I haven’t drank since . . . and that was 17 years ago.”

“I am a very, very grateful alcoholic, I love AA and I owe my life.”