Show Notes

Pamela shares her Experience, Strength and Hope with raw emotion and earnestness. Halfway through her 6th year of sobriety, one may assume she has decades with the humility she brings to the table. And, one may think she has only a few months as she illustrates, with palpable desperation, the horrifying darkness of living with active alcoholism. 

What the listener will take from this share is HOPE. The hope of a better life, one filled with purpose, meaning, and above all: Freedom.

A story for those young and old in sobriety.

“I was so afraid because I thought I was the only person in the world drinking this way.”

“The moment had come, I was tired, my body was tired, my mind was tired; everything about my life was exhausting, the game was exhausting to hide the bottles, to look for the bottles. . . I just couldn’t do it anymore.” 

“I somehow decided to be honest . . . if I am not honest with everything I am never going to survive this and I’m never gonna be free of this."