Show Notes

Tawnie shares her Experience, Strength and Hope with complete honesty. A chaotic and drugged filled childhood, foster homes, beaten and held at gunpoint while 2 months pregnant—Tawnie holds nothing back as she walks us through her alcoholic journey. 

As a young woman, she grows with a habit of creating personas and outside successes to hide the constant turmoil going on inside. Tawnie’s lifelong loneliness came to an end during her first meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. She doesn’t remember what she heard in that meeting, but she will never forget what she felt—for the first time she didn’t feel alone: “I felt like I was where I belonged, and little by little the pain lifted.”

“When we’re in active alcoholism we take for granted everything, nothing matters, the only thing that matters is how we’re gonna get that next drink . . . our lives revolve around that drink.” 

“I remember driving home, if I just swerve a little bit to the right, I could end it all and don’t have to feel this shit anymore. . . I felt that way every single day.” 

“Through Alcoholics Anonymous, I’ve been able to grow and I’ve been able to find out who I really am.”