Show Notes

Alyssa shares her Experience, Strength and Hope only 110 days into sobriety and the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous. Every single newcomer will relate to her story; it’s raw, it’s true, it’s new, it’s filled with hope - even on her darkest days the magic of the rooms and the people in them are working in this newcomer.

An extremely high functioning alcoholic, for decades Alyssa navigated the balance of being normal, but drinking abnormally. Most in her circle had no idea she was an alcoholic, including her husband. The hiding was manageable for a long time, even three children in, but with the COVID lockdown, her system of secrets began to breakdown and her drinking quickly escalated.

Alyssa was a people pleaser with a constant hate of herself; never feeling good enough and feeling utterly alone from the beginning of her life. It’s now the rooms and people in AA that are showing her a new way of living, of thinking, and of loving herself.

After her share, we finish this episode with a great conversation, where  listeners that hang around, will gather a few more wonderful gems from Alyssa.

“I drank for the feeling of being drunk. Because when I was drunk, my self-hatred went away, my self-loathing went away, MYSELF went away.”

“My alcoholism is not my fault, but it is my responsibility.” 

“You are home now. We understand you, we understand what it’s like. We know how to treat this. We can treat this, it’s ok, you’re among friends now, you’re home.”