Show Notes

Angi shares her Experience, Strength and Hope only 102 days into her sobriety, currently living in a Sober Living Environment (SLE).

Growing up in a large Hispanic family the youngest of three, she thought she was having a happy and normal childhood, until the world came in and taught her otherwise. Angi quickly learned to hide her feelings. Feelings of guilt for letting things happen that she didn’t know were wrong, and then shame for being poor. Angi learned to hide away anything unpleasant and had a long life of working very hard to make the outside look perfect.

Always an overachiever and people pleaser Angi eventually used her hiding skills to create personas and stories to keep her drinking a secret. On paper, she looked fabulous, fit in, looked like a success, but in truth, Angi was drinking vodka from Avian water bottles during work meetings and going to meetings to take “Dirty Chips.”

What started as drinking to have fun, became drinking to hide and function, until now that is. Finally, Angi is working the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous and she’s discovering who she is. This is her first 100 days of what she defines as True Sobriety; the first time she loves her life. Angi is an example of what happens when we “Keep Coming Back.”

“I went to prison because I’m an alcoholic.” 

“I didn’t know how to quit, I didn’t know how to stop it, I didn’t know AA; I knew a thing called AA, but it wasn’t for me, this was something I was going to do on my own.”  

“The way that I couldn’t imagine my life without alcohol, is now how I can’t imagine my life without Sobriety. And that’s one of the most beautiful things that’s ever happened in my head.”