Show Notes

Robert shares his Experience, Strength and Hope having just celebrated 29 years of sobriety. Robert is a man of consistency, his very first meeting is still his homegroup today.

Growing up was hard, one of 7 children, in Harlem, both gay and a ballet dancer—rejection was part of his existence. Never feeling apart of, Robert’s life began early with painful emotions, secrets and hiding—closeted for safety and shame

Always a strong academic student, he now has multiple degrees, though no amount of knowledge could keep him sober. Eventually, homeless, helpless and hopeless, Robert found what he had been searching for as a child. It was a spiritual solution he had been seeking, and it was in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous in which he found it. Sober since the late 1900’s, this man has grown up and grown sober and grown into himself like every parent wants for their child.

“By age 9, I drank alcoholically; you can put me in a highchair and roll me into AA.”

“Once I drank all bets were off, I didn’t know what would happen, my decision making became impaired, and I became delusional and really crazy.”

“The nature of my illness will force me to destroy myself if I don’t change.”