Show Notes

Tara shares her Experience, Strength and Hope with so much honesty that she shaves two years off of her sobriety date. There are no right or wrong ways to get sober, though Tara’s story does push the envelope of what AA folks would say is acceptable. Not sure if it matters, because today she is a happy, joyous, free and sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous—and she bravely tells her journey for the alcoholic that still suffers, be it with alcohol, or any other substitute for it.

Note: Alyssa (vol. 49) hosts this episode.  
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“I had so much fear of being an alcoholic, I couldn’t get to the other side of alcoholism.”

“A normal person would not put up with as much suffering as we alcoholics do, until we finally say mercy.” 

“These rooms got alcohol out of my body so they could grow my soul and spirit.”