Show Notes

Maureen shares her Experience, Strength and Hope at 71 years old - with decades of sobriety. Raised in a military home with an alcoholic father and bipolar mother that enabled him, Maureen says she was an alcoholic in the making from the beginning. She began running away at the tiny age of 3, and at 4 yrs, she would wake up to drink glasses of liquor left from the night before.

Maureen's father continually molested her while her mother looked the other way, putting the responsibility on Maureen to not let it happen. Maureen later became a prostitute, was rapped at gunpoint, and eventually suicidal, not too long after her mother committed suicide.

No doubt, a life of heartache and pain, but with the rooms and the support in them, today Maureen has a life of beauty and sobriety. During this sobriety, Maureen made it through cancer and a terrible car accident; she is an artist and a writer, with a manuscript just waiting to be published.

In this share, Maureen goes into the darkness that this disease can take us and walks us through to the other side, where there is life, love and gratitude.

“I was a full blown out-of-my-mind-crazy woman drug addict . . . I belonged in a hospital.”

“I learned that I wanted to live, and I didn’t know that until she said cancer.”

“I found out that my sobriety was more important to me than anything else.”