Show Notes

Melanie shares her Experience, Strength and Hope with 10 years of sobriety, while happily married and pregnant with her second son. Raised in a chaotic home where dad would give the silent treatment for weeks, Melanie became an overachieving perfectionist: president of student council, captain of the soccer team, best babysitter.

The combination of maintaining an impeccable reputation and feeling fundamentally different from everyone else, Melanie had a recipe for anxiety and self-hatred. This delayed her first drink, but led her to obsessively calorie count, binge eat, beat herself up, and then do it all over again. Melanie immediately became a blackout drinker, many times forgetting where she lived, losing keys, cellphones, and even her passport.

Eventually the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous reached out their hand and brought her in. Today, Melanie has a different approach to life; she has self-esteem, self-forgiveness, confidence, and sees her value not in how well she does or what she looks like, but in how she can be of service to others.

“The only way I could stop was blacking out or passing out; and if I did try to control the drinking, I was miserable.”

“If I didn’t do something different . . . I knew I was probably gonna die.”

“The way that I thought shifted . . . it’s just such a better way of living, it’s really amazing.”