Show Notes

Nancy shares her Experience, Strength and Hope as she makes her second round in the program—she is a fantastic cautionary tale for anyone slipping away from their program.

The youngest of 5 children, growing up in a Hispanic, Catholic home there was a ton of love, but also drama, uncertainly, fear and unlimited access to alcohol. Shortly after her first drink, Nancy became depressed and suicidal, and by 16 yrs. old was a daily drinker.

Drinking at a young age led Nancy quickly into the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, where she gathered 23 years of sobriety. But eventually life got in the way of her program, her priorities changed and her depression and anxiety returned. But she knew where to go when she was ready to live again.

Today, 5 years into a new sobriety, Nancy puts her program first. She loves sponsoring people and carrying the message; today Nancy’s life is full of peace and service and growth.

“I loved alcohol, not a little bit, a lot. That is the sickness within my head, I fell in love with something that was killing me, and I continued to drink.”

“I literally drank myself homeless, because once I start drinking, I can’t stop.”

“I learned to open my heart . . . I realized the power of God and the power of this program, and I was in awe of Alcoholics Anonymous; I continue to fall in love with the program.”