Show Notes

Lynne shares her Experience, Strength and Hope with her story of food, alcohol and cocaine addiction. Lynne holds nothing back in sharing her honest journey to a life of freedom . . . again.

Lynne grew up in a dysfunctional home with an alcoholic father, rage-alcoholic mother and a ton of Catholic schoolgirl guilt. An extremely emotional child with outbursts and meltdowns, her father would lock her in the car to contain it. Lynne eventually learned to hide her emotions and to escape them with food—Bulimia was her first addiction.

Since Lynne can remember, she strived to be connected to something bigger than her, even wanting to be a nun for a moment. And it was in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous that she found that connection she was seeking. After drifting away from the program, Lynne went out for 14 years. Thinking she was finally grown up enough to drink again, she had a few sips of wine, and found herself immediately in the bathroom calling her dealer.

Today, in a fresh new sobriety, Lynne vocalizes her struggles and seeks help before the pain gets unbearable. Today, Lynne picks up the phone instead of a drink.

"I always gravitated towards something outside myself to make myself feel better.”

“Whenever I couldn’t deal with my emotions, I was stuffing them down (with food) and then purging them out.”

“I have to defend my sobriety with everything I have.”

“I race to that homegroup for relief, I need to go get my fix and that fix is Alcoholics Anonymous . . . nobody understands me like you guys do.”