Show Notes

Jonjon shares his Experience, Strength and Hope as he wraps up his 12th year of sobriety. Jonjon touches on the many levels of a suffering alcoholic, as well as the serenity and peace of recovery . . . and he does so with clever humor.

Growing up in Ohio was a bad fit for a young gay boy—from the beginning Jonjon felt trapped. His first addiction was TV, and recalls the relief of checking out. Soon his escaping came in the form of weed and alcohol and the nightlife of being a successful DJ. What was a feeling of “arriving” in the city life, eventually turned to arrests, broken bones, lost jobs, homelessness, panic attacks and overall misery.

Jonjon’s recovery began with a simple question to a friend, “Do you go to meetings?” and with that, she took him to his first of many. He didn’t think happy, joyous and free were in the cards for him when he came to the rooms, however today Jonjon operates on a baseline of joy. Today, Jonjon gets a template for living, and a recipe for serenity in the rooms and the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. 

“I was dropped down on this earth, already filled up with this anxious apartness and I never really felt like I belonged.” 

“I know what every day drinking is like, I know what that pain is like really well, what I do not know is what’s going to happen if I stay sober. What’s gonna happen?”

“I had a lot of preconceived notions about what a sober life would be like, and boy was I wrong.”