Show Notes

Benjamin shares his Experience, Strength and Hope 2 years into a fresh new run of sobriety. A well-trained psychotherapist today, Benjamin brings his knowledge and expertise subtly into his share.

His first meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous was at the young age of 22 years. Prior to that he was hooked on sports, which balanced his life well . . . until an injury in college, when he quickly went down the road of pot, pills, booze and suicidal thoughts.

In the rooms, Benjamin has turned his shame of behavior and choices into understanding the disease of alcoholism and addiction. No longer does he run from memories, instead he uses them to get closer to love and humility.

“The dark side of life really exists in those stimulants and in alcohol, where it’s just horrible, it’s like a living hell.” 

“Normal is not boring for me, it was a fulltime job staying loaded . . . and all I did was hate myself.” 

“God has gotten me through things that nothing ever could, and certainly my logic couldn’t get me through, my intellect, my rationale . . . nothing could get me through my illness except for the program, the people, going to meetings and then my spiritual relationship—and without that, there was just no chance, I don’t see how I could have recovered without AA.”