Show Notes

Jim shares his Experience, Strength and Hope with a full circle story from a life with a God, to without, to back again with a new version.

Jim grew up in a home with no alcohol, but a lot of alcoholic behavior and side effects of past generations. Once extremely active in church, even a frequent at Christian rock festivals, Jim had a religious foundation. But it didn’t take much to shake that off, when at only 17 years old his father died, and soon people that needed “that” God were weak cowards.

It was a slow progression into alcoholism for Jim, but by college it quickly became every day drinking, pot smoking and shoplifting. Eventually the lines of reality and fantasy became blurred—and that’s when anger, rage and true fear of being a sociopath set in. It was that terror that brought on the necessary desperation for recovery. Today, 12 years into sobriety, Jim still works the steps and grows within them; he sees new insight and light with each new spiritual experience.

“I felt disgusting doing that, but I couldn’t stop.”

“I was trying to prove that God didn’t exist.”

“I really am conceiving this new conception of God that’s being offered to me.”