Show Notes

Josh shares his Experience, Strength and Hope with a unique perspective of the program, having been sober since he was 19 years old, Josh grew up in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous.

A mere 10 years old when he had his first drink; only a kid who thought that everyone blacked out when they drank. It wasn’t long before Josh was a regular in Juvenile Hall, and with that came a reality of fear and hate. Josh drank his way to a completely hopeless state and tried almost successfully to commit suicide.

But alas, he is here today, a very young “old timer” that was grown by these principles and these practices of service, humility, honesty and a spiritual way of life. The problems Josh once had with the notion of a God or any sort of religion have disappeared over the years and it’s quality of faith Josh leans on today. And today is a beautiful life for Josh, a brand-new life as a brand-new dad.

“At that time, I felt pathologically incapable of taking direction from somebody that was presenting themselves as any form of authority.”  

“It occurred to me that this would probably be one of the many decisions I would have to make if I really wanted to get sober.” 

“Lots of people in AA have these weird moments where everything seems to come together to offer us this ability to see our Higher Power in a way that feels undeniable.”