Show Notes

Ajit shares his Experience, Strength and Hope with a contagious optimism, despite career setbacks and the confusing disease of alcoholism. Ajit grew up in Florida, in a happy and loving home. Both an extroverted and charismatic kid, he was known to take things to the next level, the last standing player, never wanting the fun to end. This foreshadowed his blackout-drinking journey to come.

Vegetarian since 16-years-old, Ajit thought he could quit alcohol like he did meat—on his own with sheer willpower and choice. He eventually learned the disease of alcoholism is beyond self-control and determination, and decided to enter rehab. And true to character, Ajit didn’t just do a 28-day stay, he took rehab to the next level, out of the country, for almost 6 months.

In sobriety, Ajit has become human again—as a part of this wonderful tribe with shared beliefs, motivations and behaviors, Ajit is relearning himself and beginning to run his own race. Today, Ajit finds himself in the pursuit of serenity, peace and joy through the program and principles and people of Alcoholics Anonymous.

“Once I turned 21, I could drink like I wanted to . . . that’s when I started getting giant handles and locking myself in my room.”

“It’s hard to understand the nature of alcoholism, even for alcoholics.”

“I’m here for a reason, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, and that has defined my recovery.”