Show Notes

Sunshine shares her Experience, Strength and Hope with a preacher’s enthusiasm and powerful joy. Though she has decades of sobriety, she walks us carefully through the darkness that once was her disease, and brings us through to the light of sobriety.

Born and raised in the Bronx to a deeply loving and affectionate family, Sunshine began life with a solid foundation. However, at 4 years old her father passed and life changed for Sunshine. She saw the world as one where only the toughest survived—and a world that she, as a young gay girl, did not belong to. With this, the need to escape was constant: drinking, drugs, stealing, seeking something she could not name, but longed for.

It took a while for Sunshine to realize the laugher and joy in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous was a result of sobriety and not some drug in the coffee; the natural high of sobriety. Sunshine learned how to live in the program, she saw hope in the 12 steps, so she surrendered and took them. Today Sunshine is an ordained minister, spiritual coach, author and extremely active member in the community and in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous.

“I had been chasing away the despair, the sadness, the doubt, the depression, the anxiety, the fear, the anger that I was feeling inside . . . I was trying to chase it away by using drugs and alcohol, and it was no longer working for me.”

“I don’t tell God how big my problems are, I tell my problems how big my God is.”

“I love my life today; I am a product of AA.”