Show Notes

Jason shares his Experience, Strength and Hope with two decades of sobriety. Jason was closeted for much of his young life, and with sobriety and the program, he has grown into a husband, father and active member of Alcoholics Anonymous—has a sponsor, sponsors others, still works the steps, and still grows.

From a family of many alcoholics, some in recovery, some not, and some that were taken by this disease, Jason was aware from a young age the dangers of drinking. However, for an alcoholic, those warnings do not produce change.

Drinking in college became daily almost immediately, while drugs were managed with hard and fast rules. Jason’s first DUI was on his 21st birthday, and with his second DUI almost died, wrapping his car around a telephone pole. Jason hit a spiritual bottom looking in the mirror on one of those notorious “next mornings.”

In lockdown and sobriety, he’s learned things about himself he’s never known. Jason began following his dreams in these rooms—allowing the act of acceptance to lead him to new opportunities and experiences.

“Alcohol was the first cure to my alcoholism.”

“Warnings don’t really matter if you’re an alcoholic, being careful doesn’t exist, there’s no middle ground.”

“I started to see the changes, and feel the changes, the inside was feeling different. I was starting to connect with myself for the first time.”