Show Notes

David shares his Experience, Strength and Hope with a deep desire to keep his current, and second, sobriety date. Growing up in Southern California, with semi-hippy parents—freedom, love, and peace were core attributes to David’s childhood.

The framework David had for what it’s like to be an adult was beach parties, joints, beer, and surfing—clothing optional. Drugs and alcohol attracted him more than high school, which he eventually dropped out of. However, in 1989, he made his way to 5 years of sobriety, only to go back out again for 13 painful years.

In March 2008, David woke up desperate to change; he called central office, got a meeting directory, pulled out his old Big Book, and dove head first into the program of Alcoholics Anonymous—he became a yes man, and today, his sobriety is proof that this program works, when you work it.

“I drank and used and did everything I could to make myself feel better temporarily, as long as I possibly could stand it.”

“It’s obvious to me I’ve changed, I’m not the same person I use to be, it blows me away.”

“You didn’t get sober to be miserable . . . enjoy life, pursue the things you want. Do the things your heart is craving . . . realize your dreams.”