Show Notes

Catherine shares her Experience, Strength and Hope with great gratitude and understanding of both the disease and the beautiful gifts of recovery.

Catherine was only 17 years old when she got sober, which means she never really had much of a childhood—at 14, addicted to cocaine and drinking daily. The amount of pain and suffering she once experienced alongside the joy and grace she has in her life today, as a 31-year-old sober woman, is remarkable.

Things went really wrong, really quickly for Catherine. Growing up in a conservative Catholic home with a lot of drinking and alcoholism she only knew how to hide her truth, even from herself.

Like many of us, Catherine grew up feeling a huge hole in her heart, she first filled it with obsessively reading, then swimming and then eventually of course booze, but today that gap is filled with the love and tenderness the fellowship brings to her life. Catherine leans into her spirituality and the program, searching and growing and learning to understand herself and her Higher Power, which is LOVE, more and more each day.

“I wanted to feel less like me and more of what I perceived what other people were feeling.”

“The way I was taught about God closed my mind to recovery . . . the things I didn’t like about God were manmade.”

“God has become the opposite of fear, it’s the absence of fear—God is Love.”