Show Notes

Bryce shares his Experience, Strength and Hope – sober at 17 years old he literally grew up in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous. Bryce also grew up in an Alcoholic household, with lots of drunk driving, screaming, play throwing and more – he dealt with this by escaping into drugs and alcohol. His first drunk was planned and enjoyed at 9 yrs old and his first overdose at only 11 yrs. Bryce became an uptight, bossy child full of anger and resentments, which didn’t fade quickly in sobriety.

It was an act of another young member of Alcoholics Anonymous that brought Bryce to recovery. He came in hating AA and all the laughter and corny things said in the rooms. Then he left and when he came back he was full of terror that it wouldn’t work for him . . . but it did and it has for many years.

Today, Bryce no longer feels alone, he trusts others and he works through the process of recovery with a strong community and an even stronger desire to serve.

“The majority of my time was just drinking and contemplating suicide.” 

“The head that created the problem cannot be left to solve it.” 

“You folks talked about things that I thought only I thought, and doing things I thought only I did, and you talked about drinking the way I only thought I drank.”