Show Notes

Wes shares his Experience, Strength and Hope from the birthplace of Alcoholics Anonymous: Akron, Ohio. 

An overweight, poor child growing up with alcoholic parents Wes never felt accepted or good enough. Raised by his housekeeper, Wes “knew” he was unwanted. Wes tried hard to fit in, and eventually alcohol did the trick. It was the 80’s: fast cars, money and a sense of entitlement took Wes over. After graduating college, he drank his way through a few years with no real direction and a lot of self-hatred.

After marrying into a party family, the drinking got worse and the coverup got heavier. It was a Big Book that randomly showed up in his bathroom that brought him to the rooms. Today, Wes has a homegroup, a sponsor and sponsors other men; being sober is the greatest blessing of his life.

“It is the disease that tells you you’re fine right up to the moment that it kills you.” 

“The way that you feel right now can stop forever, if you want it to.” 

“At 50 years old I finally figured out that I am good enough, I am worthy.”