Show Notes

Jose shares his Experience, Strength and Hope by detailing his struggle and recovery as an alcoholic and addict. Jose grew up in a rough New Jersey neighborhood, where drugs were rampant and his family didn’t fit in. Though his dad found sobriety, he did not stick around the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, which led to untreated anger causing over-the-top discipline with bats, sticks and constant bruises.

Jose never felt like he belonged, until he found other people like him, at which point he became rebellious and angry. Before long he was in nightclubs, partying around the clock, and taking whatever substance came along; always looking for something to take him out of self.

It all got very exhausting for Jose and in his 30’s he found relief in church and even gathered 5 years of sobriety. Until he randomly took a glass of wine, and that alcohol brought him immediately back into the thick of drugs and drinking. After enough darkness, Jose got the courage to go to an AA meeting and found a new source and brand of relief. His girlfriend today has never seen him drink—what a gift for them both. Today, Jose is happy, joyous and free.
“The next day is just such a horrible feeling, I would be so depressed . . . just a vicious cycle.” 

 “I said, oh man I need help . . . and the only thing I could think of was God.” 

 “It’s life changing [sobriety].”