Show Notes

Jim shares his Experience, Strength and Hope with over 20 years of sobriety. Today Jim is a mindfulness coach and brings a lot of his healing experience and techniques to his calm share.

Jim was a blackout drinker, waking up regularly to gather the clues of the night before. He describes himself as altered all the time and at one point got terribly wrapped up in sports gambling which led to suicidal feelings and the psych ward. As the drinking got worse, his thoughts became overwhelming and his fear all consuming. One morning at 3am, while terrified and all out of tears, he laid on floor and whispered, “I’m done, please help me.”

Today Jim gets to choose how he spends his time, recovery has given him back choice. And as Jim says, nothing happens on accident; it’s Jim's experience that provides his foundation to help others on their path to mindfulness. To get more of Jim, check out his Fishing Without Bait podcast.

“I could be anyone I needed to be to get what I wanted.”

“I was a ghost you could see.”

“Telling the truth improves your memory.”

“Acceptance is always the prelude to change and acceptance doesn’t mean defeat.”

“Faith is believing in something you don’t understand.”