Show Notes

Mike shares his Experience, Strength and Hope in this open and vulnerable share as he celebrates his 14th year of sobriety and his mother, who paved the way for him, celebrates her 34th year.

Right out of the gate Mike never felt a part of and learned early on about masks and pretending. He describes himself as an unteachable emotional kid that knew everything. Mike had a ferocious appetite for more—more of whatever it was and once he got it, he’d immediately want something else.

Before Mike found alcohol, he was a proud DARE member, HS Freshman President, on the Speech and Baseball team and even in plays. But by Junior year, he had been arrested 4 times and expelled. The disease continued to grow and take from Mike’s life. At 26 years old, he stopped fighting and was welcomed home into the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous. Today Mike knows how to be in the present moment, he has the courage to grow and the wisdom to Keep Coming Back.

“You can get sober right now. Or you can wait, and if you wait, something really, really bad is gonna happen . . . and for some reason I listened . . . I don’t know why.”

“The opposite of addiction is connection.” 

“To name God is to limit God.”

“The war is over, welcome home.”