Show Notes

Raelynn shares her Experience, Strength and Hope as she approaches 10 months of sobriety . . . after a couple relapses she’s able to see now that this is “a way better life.”

Raelynn grew up as a very involved student, with strong grades, lots of extracurricular activities, and supportive parents. After quitting softball 2 years into college Raelynn lost herself and slowly began her drinking career. After her divorce her drinking took a dark turn which led to anxiety attacks, a leave from work and an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).

She initially had no intention of getting sober forever, the plan was to take a break and become a better drinker, however she found something in the rooms that filled the void far better than any drink. There is no more hiding and living in secret for Raelynn, today she enjoys life and says she owes it all to this program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

“I knew that my drinking was not right . . . I knew there was something wrong with how much I thought about it.”

“Alcohol doesn’t make me feel good anymore, it’s the exact opposite.”

“The only way things are gonna work out is if I stay sober.” 

“I use to wake up fuckin’ dreading the day . . . now I wake up with hope every day . . . and it’s just such a better way to live.”