Show Notes

Ais shares her Experience, Strength and Hope as a young member of AA, not sure what part of her growth is recovery and which part is simply growing up.

Ais is from a small town in Ireland, where she loved escaping in books and relating more to adults than children. She was an obsessive, neurotic and opinionated kid, but not one her parents had to worry about. Until Ais found alcohol at 14 yrs old, at which time everything turned around. Once drinking began, she was skipping class, smoking, going to class hungover and hitting the bar after school at only 16 yrs. old.

Her first geographic brought her to NYC, where things only got worse, with shaking and hallucinations and misery. After a therapist’s repeated recommendation, Ais found herself in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, and soon sober. Today Ais has friends and meetings and a life that functions very well, “AA rewired my brain.”

“I have no control after the first drink, it’s just completely a coin toss what will happen after that.”

“I have no interest in having 1 drink or 3 drinks, I want 10.”

“The thing that made me feel better was the meetings . . . something changed in my heart.”