Show Notes

Marilyn shares her Experience, Strength and Hope as both a humble and confident member of AA. Marilyn always felt like something wasn’t quite right; one of her earliest memories is a feeling of shame at only 2 yrs old. She grew up in New York within a family of dysfunction—mom of 17 and dad 32 yrs old.

Marilyn had a lot of pressure from her mother to make everything look good on the outside with lots of intense expectations for this sensitive and emotional young girl. Marilyn drank for the first time with her mom, and from the beginning she wanted more, much more. Soon she was a blackout drinker running wild.

After a terrible holiday party, Marilyn hit a spiritual and physical bottom. She got on her knees and begged sincerely for help. Then she took action and called a client that she knew was in recovery and made her way to her very first meeting. Marilyn came into the program strong and still takes her sobriety seriously. Today she is a new person, and there is absolutely nothing she needs to drink over.

“I needed to be in control of everything, all the time, in order to be ok.”

“Once I take that first drink, I do not know how that night is going to end.”

“That’s the beauty of this program, no one is going to define that [Higher Power] for us.”

“I’m not the same person anymore . . . I don’t have to drink over anything anymore.”