Show Notes

Sydney shares her Experience, Strength and Hope 3 years into her life of sobriety. Sydney grew up with a Martha Stewart mom, was a good student, even a teacher’s pet. But she felt a bit different and had relentless voices in her head that were loud and constantly arguing; by the time she came to her first drink she was exhausted. 

As Sydney’s stable life began to unravel so did her emotions. She became obsessed with trying to control and fix things outside of her, seeking that old feeling of safety and comfort, and it was alcohol that she inevitably turned to for relief.

After a blackout event with her sober sister, Sydney felt obligated to go to a meeting with her sister when asked. Her first meeting was nothing that she expected, and her reaction was even more unexpected. Sydney got a sponsor right away and did what was asked of her – the results of this she describes as “magic.” Currently Sydney is in school to become a nurse, is actively involved in her son’s life and is close to her family and the program. Today – she is free.

“I had no coping skills; all I knew how to do is drink to deal with how I feel.”

“I had this brief moment of clarity: this is not who I wanted to be.”

On her first AA meeting: “I knew what was gonna happen if I went to the bar that night, I didn’t know what was gonna happen if I tried this.”