Show Notes

John shares his Experience, Strength and Hope in this funny and honest share of his journey to sobriety and happiness. 

John was a classic latchkey kid, growing up in Kansas. He began drinking at 13 yrs. old and had that magical response to alcohol that many of us have had – he finally found his place in the world. Alcohol gave him confidence and made him whole, until it tore him apart.

John had a very slow start in the program and spent the first few years angry and miserable, only attending one meeting a week, hiding in the back of the room. Eventually though, he got into action, started working with a sponsor and began doing the steps. And it paid off. In sobriety, life is magical in a new and wonderful way for John—today, being of service to others is the main purpose in his life.

“Going out without alcohol was like going out without my wallet.”

“I would do anything that came my way, anything to get me out of myself and into oblivion, but my core drug was alcohol.”

“I called myself an atheist, but yelled at the sky, please just make me stop drinking . . . just make it stop and I’ll never ask for anything ever again.”

“I don’t need to find God, what I need to do is seek; and as long as I’m seeking, I get all the benefits.”