Show Notes

Mike shares his Experience, Strength and Hope, bravely setting aside his speech impediment in order to share with the newcomer what a decade in sobriety looks like.

Born and raised in Boston, in a family of 10 children, Mike had a lot of freedom to roam and party. At 18 he joined the military where he really learned about life, hard work and having a good time. Fast forward and you'll see Mike with a good job, home, wife, and children, but find him unbelievably angry and depressed. 

On one particularly miserable weekend, Mike was desperate enough to finally ask for help; he picked up the phone, said he was ready, and attended his first meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. By following his sponsor's suggestions and working the steps, Mike's obsession to drink was removed, along with all the sadness. Today Mike is a happy, joyous and free man, husband, father and active member of AA.

“Everything they recommended, that’s exactly what I did; I dove into it. Because when I was drinking, I was trapped, and I had to get out of the trap, and the only way I knew how was to dive into this thing which they called recovery.”

“There’s nothing that I’m going to hear that’s gonna make me consider taking a drink.”

“There is hope and there is help, and there is healing, I know that now.”