Show Notes

Titus shares his Experience, Strength and Hope as a young member of AA; before he could legally drink, he found sobriety. Now with 26 years, he shares the truth of being sober in and out of the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Titus describes himself as extremely sensitive to life, feeling emotions more intensely than most. So, when he lost his mother at 16 yrs. old, escape was almost necessary. Like many alcoholics, Titus always felt different than his peers; he never felt like he fit in, which made the discovery of alcohol dangerously comforting.

After a Drug Diversion Program, Live-in Treatment and Detox Center, Titus found himself sober. Titus details the pain of being sober away from the program: “I was stone cold sober, but dying of alcoholism, 8 yrs. into sobriety.” . . . but today Titus is active in AA, and comfortable in his own skin, in life and in the rooms.

"I know what happens to me when I drink, I live literally like an animal."

“I was shot-out over alcohol, a beverage, something you can get legally.”

“It’s here for the taking if it’s what you want.”