Show Notes

Ben shares his Experience, Strength and Hope with humility, more than 3 decades into sobriety. Ben has lived an exciting life which included top secret Navy clearance, gambling addiction, spy ships, black-market smuggling, Hollywood, drugs and alcoholism—not in that order.

At the height of his career success, Ben was in the top 1% of his field working at Universal Studios . . . and two years later he was separated from his wife, living in a car, arrested 5x in 9 days, and going absolutely insane. This is when a friend of the program 12-stepped Ben directly from the book; and though he thought Alcoholics Anonymous was a cult, he tried it anyway. Ben hasn’t had a drink since. Ben is still an active member, passing on the principles of these steps and these ways of living life sober.

“I thought that alcohol did for everybody what it does for me.”

“Once I put alcohol in my body, I have no idea when I’m gonna stop.”

“It’s the thinking, that’s my insanity, to think this time I can control and enjoy my drinking.”

“I heard it so many times, I didn’t have to take a drink again if I didn’t want to, and my obsession was lifted.”