Show Notes

Anna shares her Experience, Strength and Hope from a strong place in her program. Anna is a great storyteller with lots of cringeworthy moments that describe the craziness of addiction and alcoholism—and the beauty of recovery and sobriety.

Anna was born in the Philippines and moved to San Fran in the late 80’s. She grew up with a chaotic childhood, which included rage, alcohol and inconsistency. As a young teen Anna found alcohol and it was game-on for her and her alter-egos.

3 weeks after a suicide attempt and 2 weeks after an abortion, Anna arrived to a Tinder date with 6 pack and met her first sober person ever, and went to her first ever meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. She has been here since.

“I couldn’t wait to get high, I couldn’t wait to get drunk, I couldn’t wait to just lose fuckin’ control, because in every other area of my life I had zero.”

“I learned how to be human.” 

"Hard core evidence . . . wow there really is a God in my life.”