Show Notes

Judy shares her Experience, Strength and Hope on her 32nd sobriety birthday. Sober at 43 yrs. old, Judy shares what it was like adulting while using and drinking and then she walks us through adulting while sober in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Judy accidently found her way into the rooms and surprised herself when she raised her hand to introduced herself as an alcoholic. Today, Judy is an active member of the program, is available to and active in her children’s lives, and is of service to women and the community.

“On the 30th day I identified as an alcoholic, and it surprised me just as much as everyone else.”

“I learned how to raise my kids through Alcoholics Anonymous . . . I was taught how to be a good mom.”

“I woke up one day and realized I’m not worried about what anybody thinks about me anymore.”